Collection: In Resonance by Saffron Monks-Smith

This exhibition focuses on life that could have been, depicting a contrast between abandoned rural houses and urban street lit locations of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The paintings attempt to breathe new life into places that no longer harbour human life – where reality and imagination cross paths - where the present and the past strangely exist all in one space. These paintings attempt to conceal and reveal the life that could have lived within these buildings whilst showing the bustling urban streets as somewhere ghostly and isolated. 

Saffron Monks-Smith graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Ulster University in June 2020 and is now a member of Arcade Studios, Belfast. Her practice in printmaking during her undergraduate degree awarded her the Belfast Print Workshop Membership in 2015 as well as the Seacourt Print Workshop Graduate Award in 2018. 

Now focusing on painting, Saffron has expanded on her ideas of memory and atmosphere through her nocturnal urban and suburban landscapes. In her most recent body of work for the ArtisAnn Emerging artist exhibition of 2020, her work offered a play between light and dark, absence and presence through the everyday, mundane and often nocturnal surroundings. 

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