Collection: Tracey Moberly

Tracey Moberly is an interdisciplinary artist, author, activist, lecturer and radio show host. Tracey was also co-owner of the Foundry in Shoreditch, East London – a gallery, bar, performance and film space. The Foundry was a meeting place for many groups: artistic, social and political alike from those organizing the G20 protests to Artists Against The War.  It was a haunt for musicians – Many established and others DIY or those just breaking though into the industry - from all different genres.  Tracey exhibits and travels prolifically and is best known for her work with mobile phone SMS text messages around which her book Text-Me-Up! is based. Tracey’s art is described as socio-political.  She has worked on projects with comedian, activist and author, Mark Thomas, and projects alongside artist and ex-KLF member Bill Drummond. 

Tracey was selected as Artist in Residence for an expedition to the Pole of Inaccessibility. 

She has exhibited at both Tate Modern and Tate Britain. The Tate Modern show, Tweet-Me-Up featured Tracey's Instagram mobilography through which she wove a narrative across social networking sites to create the show – which launched the opening of Tate Modern's Tanks.  She invited artists, musicians, writers and performers world-wide via her social networks to create a nine hour loop on multiple large screens showcasing work in a number of different mediums.

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