Collection: Dan Ferguson

Dan Ferguson was born and brought up in London and worked as a secondary school teacher of Art & Media Studies before decanting to Belfast with his wife and family to study for an MFA at the Ulster University. 

Dan paints places and people, identities and souls and mostly seemingly banal scenes, endeavouring to honour the spirit and history of a person or place.  This can be stoic, political, romantic, playful, terrifying but always looked at through the prism of art.  

Usually moved by the subject, he found high school an amazing environment in which to study students and teachers alike, watching as they strove to develop their evolving personalities while simultaneously trying to tune into new experiences and stories.  Here, Dan was able to build up a bank of creative ideas. 

Dan likes to explore memory and how it works, influenced by the French philosopher, Henri Bergson.  He started looking at the notion of perception and what Edmund Husseri called ‘fused horizons’ (how we all affect each other with our experiences and observations).  The memories can be his own, or belong to others as they seem to be channelled into a colour scheme that tries to displace the conventional sepia of nostalgia and instead evoke a spectrum of exploding timelessness.

He calls it as he sees it but with colour and form.  

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