Collection: Raymond Watson

Raymond Watson is an artist who creates public artwork, gallery based work and installation work - often these are site specific pieces.  He works with a wide range of materials in order to visualise the themes he wishes to explore. 

He has worked on a large variety of community projects, and exhibited widely in Ireland and across the globe.  Exhibitions have taken place in New York, France, Spain, India, England, South of Ireland, Holland and the Basque Country and a substantial number of pieces of public art locally in Ireland.  Most of these site specific projects have been made in close contact with local communities and schools.

His practice is diverse and hybrid, including site specific materials for these installations, alongside personal materials and photography.  He has worked with mud, bamboo and rice straw in India; Ice and steel in Belfast, and oranges in Valencia.

His work has included the “Hands of History”, in which Raymond made bronze casts of the hands of the signatories of the Good Friday Agreement.  His “Kids Guernica” artwork has been exhibited at the Hiroshima commemoration and other important sites in Japan.  His work has taken him across the globe, including Holland, Germany, India, and the Western Sahara.

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