Collection: Alan Milligan

Alan Milligan is a sculptor whose work has encompassed a wide range of high profile public artworks and private commissions.  Highlights of his solo work include: Commission in bronze of Belfast playwright Stewart Parker for Belfast Writers' Square; The Gilding of Cole’s Monument - A performance/installation in honour of Oscar Wilde’s children’s story “The Happy Prince,” for A Wilde Weekend by Lough Ernest; A limited set of bronze swallows created with one to be placed at the monument’s site. 2015; The Samuel Beckett Chess set commissioned by the Happy Days Beckett Festival; The Muck Ball Trophy commissioned by the Happy Days Beckett Festival. 2012. 

He is a member of the Umha Aois Symposium group, which runs annual community residences around Ireland and Northern Europe, casting and making artefacts and art works using Bronze Age methods. The group is a tribe of artists and archaeologists deepening their understanding of lost ancient techniques.

He is also part of “The Poetics of Forgiveness Project.” In conjunction with novelist Nicole Mary Kelby, this global public art project combines words of forgiveness with images of cultural significance to create works of bronze that provide a lasting reminder of the need for peace. Project sites include The Atlantic Centre for the Arts (an American Civil War remembrance).​

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