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Pamela is a mixed media artist from Northern Ireland who graduated from Belfast College of Art, Ulster University in 2018, with a first class honours degree in Ceramics, Silversmithing and Jewellery. 

She works primarily with materials which are old, unloved and discarded.  The choice of medium is born of the belief that nothing is worthless and her work aims to look at the relationship between humanity’s compulsion with the collecting of objects and how, with the passage of time, that which was once cherished is rejected and reviled, eventually taking on the role of the outdated, the scorned, and ultimately viewed as worthless.   Pamela believes that there is too much waste in the world.  In our disposable world, humanity is too quick to discard.

Her work begins by considering how an unwanted and unloved object can be reborn.  This is achieved by documenting her ideas and innermost thoughts in the form of sketching, painting and collage.  Her processes focus on the potential of the object.  By remodelling and altering in a variety of ways, the ugly, the kitsch and the unwanted is reworked and subsequently manifests itself in a completely new skin - an object at home in a contemporary world.  This work has evolved from a fascination with vintage ceramic figurines, found objects, Victorian taxidermy and all manner of ephemera.  It is a celebration of the rebirth of the gauche, ugly and unloved.  By recycling, altering and beautifying these neglected items, she has discovered that the caterpillar really can become the butterfly.

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