Collection: Emerging Artists 2020

ArtisAnn is proud to provide the first professional group show featuring the year of 2000 class of emerging young talent.  All the artists have graduated from the School of Art at Ulster University, winning several awards and prizes along the way.  In alphabetical order, they are:


Saffron Monks-Smith recently graduated with a Masters in Art from Ulster University. She has already received several awards for her work and her new work builds on this. Her current artworks expand on the idea of memory and atmosphere, previously dealing with the figurative, now influenced by urban and suburban landscapes.


Lauren O’Hara graduated from Ulster University in June. Her work is based around found photography from the 1960s and 70s reflecting the moments of happiness, partying and freedom that happened more than a decade after the horrific events of the Second World War.


Irene Sweeney graduated from Ulster University in June. Her paintings emit an air of both mystery and intimacy. She finds the painting of skin to be a healing process; a visual metaphor for what being human means to the artist.

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